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 Appointing Body
Date of appointment - Term of office Attendance
 Mrs Gillian Ruck ** (Chair) Parent Governor 1.9.14 - 4 years 100%
 Mr Mike Hallett (Vice-chair) Diocesan Board of Education 2.9.13 - 4 years 100%
 Mrs Jenny Sparkes Parochial Church Council 1.9.14 - 4 years 100%
 Mrs Ros Hatherill # Diocesan Board of Education 1.5.15 - 4 years 80%
 Mrs Jen Hazell Diocesan Board of Education 23.9.13 - 4 years 100%
 Mr Jim Herbert Parochial Church Council 2.9.16 - 4 years n/a
 Mrs Claire McKeown * Staff - Headteacher 4.14 - ex officio 100%
 Mrs Beth Stevens # Staff - Deputy Headteacher
2.9.16 - 4 years 80%
 Mr Colin Mutton #
Staff - co-opted
1.5.14 - 4 years 100%
 Mrs Susan Morris Parochial Church Council 1.9.14 - 4 years 100%
 Mrs Kirsty Jones ** Diocesan Board of Education 1.9.14 - 4 years 80%
 Mr Robin Fletcher ** LA Governor 1.11.15 - 4 years
 Revd Penny Powdrill Ex officio 8.2.11 - ex officio 80%
 Mrs Cheryl Jones Clerk to the governing body 25.12.09  

* Mrs Claire McKeown is Head teacher of both Whitchurch Primary and Weston-under-Penyard Primary

** Parent

# Member of teaching staff

No members of the governing body have relevant business and pecuniary interests apart from Mrs Beth Stevens whose husband audits school fund account annually.

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Governor Committees

Personnel, Finance & Premises Committee - Mrs Jenny Sparkes (Chair), Mr Mike Hallett, Mr Colin Mutton, Mrs Ros Hatherill, Mr Robin Fletcher and Mrs Claire McKeown

Standards & Curriculum Committe (including SEN & Safeguarding) - Mr Mike Hallett (Chair), Mrs Beth Stevens, Revd Penny Powdrill, Mrs Jen Hazell, Mrs Susan Morris, Mrs Kirsty Jones, Mr Jim Herbert, Mrs Gill Ruck, Mrs Claire McKeown & Mrs Beth Stevens


Chair: Ruth Broadbent

Vice chair: Graham Hassell

Treasurer: Genevieve Jensen

Secretary: Lisa Pitman

An enormous thank you goes out to all our PTFA members for all their hard work over the last year, to all parents who have donated and bought at our events and to Mrs McKeown, teachers and support staff who gave up their time to support us in our meetings and to be at our events. An even bigger thank you to the children who have been involved in our events, giving us direct feedback like only children can and making us laugh and smile, making our efforts even more worthwhile. We hope you agree are events are top quality and fun that both children and adults enjoy.

We have had a few changes to the PTFA this year, Joint Chair, Laura Hurcombe and Treasurer, Kathryn Renfree have stepped back from their roles. As once the Joint Chair and now the Chair I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Laura (two heads are definitely better than one!) and to Kathryn who I believe has been the Treasurer for three years (forgive me if I’m wrong Kathryn). Of course they have been replaced and so would also like to welcome Genevieve Jensen as our new Treasurer and Graham Hassell as our new Vice Chair. Lisa Pitman has kindly offered to stay on as Secretary.

Last year our aim was to grant ‘three wishes’ from the school’s wish list and we succeeded, we replenished the library, bought new playground equipment and updated the undercover play areas.  All of which we could not have done without a combined team effort and support from parents, children, teachers and the PTFA.

For this year our goal is also to grant three wishes, these were agreed on at our recent AGM meeting and are; to purchase indoor cooking equipment, make improvements to the outdoor areas at the rear of the school and to purchase 10 i-pads systems.

Fundraising has already begun this term and the calendar for an exciting 2017 is under way.  All ideas and suggestions are always welcome and if you can help out in any way, upfront or behind the scenes please do get in touch by either leaving a message at the school reception or emailing ptfawhitchurch@gmail.com.

Here’s to an exciting fundraising year!

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